Banking Fraud: John Keel Still Gives Us The Creeps

By Micah Hanks

For those Forteans out there who have an appreciation for the work of the legendary John Keel, there is a fine website,, moderated by Doug Skinner, a colleague of Keel’s with access to a number of the late Fortean’s personal files spanning the last several decades.

A recent post featured at the site, titled “The International Bankers“, deals with a truly creepy message Keel received decades ago, claiming that some clandestine group calling themselves by the aforementioned title were somehow involved with the UFO mystery. The overall tone of the message was rather threatening (to put it nicely), with references to “Dr. Jessup” and “Al Bender” being made toward the end, alluding to the obvious suspicion that these two men’s deaths had been connected in some way with their UFO research. The post can be viewed by clicking here.

So were the representatives of this group that had so ominously messaged Mr. Keel


Banking Fraud: John Keel Still Gives Us The Creeps — 3 Comments

  1. You know, as far as I know Bender was never killed by the MIB. He merely dissolved his UFO organization after allegedly receiving the visit of the infamous trio.

    In fact, it’s quite possible that Bender is still around. I think Greg Bishop mentioned once on his radio show that he lives near him, but refuses to make any interviews.

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