Are Military Drones Causing Potential Hazards in Airspace Over the Midwest?

Disclose.tvMystery Object Nearly Causes Mid-Air Collision Over Denver! – May 15, 2012 UFO UFOs

In the video above, FAA officials investigating an incident that occurred recently at an altitude of 8000 feet above Denver, Colorado, were concerned about safety issues, following the appearance of an unknown object that flew dangerously close to a commercial airliner. The object was described as resembling “a large remote controlled aircraft.” Aviation analyst Greg Feith said of the incident, “That’s an issue, because now we have something in controlled airspace that poses a danger.”

An earlier incident at Denver Airport this year involved an emergency landing that resulted from what was described as “smoke in the cockpit.” No one was injured during the incident, however, and no similar reports of other objects in the sky had been made.

While the story above had indeed managed to make headlines, a similar, but lesser-known incident, was brought to my attention several weeks ago by a listener of The Gralien Report, who described having second-hand knowledge of a strange incident above Indiana, which a pilot friend had related:

Hi Gralien Report,

I heard something today and thought that with your contacts in the ufo field you might be able to find something out. My sister called me today and told me that her husbands best friend (who is a pilot) was flying in Indiana airspace last night. He received a call over his radio redirecting him from his original flight plan. He said everyone was being redirected out of the area. At the time he said he was close enough to look into this no fly zone and he saw a very bright light. He also said that F18′s were in the air. He said that the chatter over the radio from the other pilots was all about this bright light, the F18′s, and the fact that they had orders to shoot!

I did a google search to see if I could find any news reports of ufo sightings in Indiana last night but was unsuccessful.

Thanks for listening.
A very curious listener,

Thus far, further attempts to contact this listener have remained unsuccessful, though aviation experts I’ve spoken with say that more information might be gathered in the event that the general date and time of the incident might be confirmed. Could this also have involved a military drone, and if so, why were there orders for other military craft in the area to shoot? Are there indeed mystery objects appearing Midwestern airspace, and if so, what are they?


Are Military Drones Causing Potential Hazards in Airspace Over the Midwest? — 2 Comments

  1. My thought is that the Iranians have been successful at hijacking more drones while in flight. Several months ago they succeeded in hacking the command and control system of a drone in flight over Pakistan and landed it in Iran. It seems they may be testing their capability to do so here.
    We know they use drones over the borders so its not so far fetched to think one can be hacked and flown north from the Mexico border.
    My question would be where were they set up to operate? Mexico or did they hack our satelites as well?

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