What Was the UFO Filmed “Swimming” Past the ISS? — 3 Comments

  1. one thing is for certain,nasa,seems to brush off many,many,interesting phenomenom or strang would think since there goal is space exploration nasa scientists would be clamoring to solve anything that has to do with space,espiecaly around the iss and the moon.the moon has an abundace of a certain element(whose name fails me now)that a shuttle full could fuel america for a year and,hhhmmmm,we have not been back for forty,40,years.but,nasa gets there funding from the government,so,maybe there are govt. agents saying to them do not do this are that because of national security hhmm.just a thought.anyhow if it was in the publics hands i am positive things would be 100% different,would they not…

  2. I find it strange that moving parts of an entity in the vacuum of space are moving an object as if through an atmosphere of some sort. Is there more to space than mere “space”? I have always asked about space, “What is it in that square foot of space that makes up “space”?”. Is the object in the video using that vacuum stuff that makes up space to velocify itself. If it is, then there definitely is something more to space than meets the scientific mind!

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